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BWT For You and Planet Blue
BWT For You and Planet Blue
  • Ion Exchange technology provides soft, silky water

  • Protects sanitaryware & boilers from limescale

  • Whiter laundry, up to 50% detergent economy

BWT Made in Germany
BWT Softlife Water Softener


Compact, reliable.

  • Fully automatic

  • Intelligent regeneration      (salt & water economy)

  • Self-learning computer

  • Rotary valve for reliability

  • Backlit digital display

  • Status monitor

  • EN 14743 Tested & Compliant

  • BIO option available (automatic resin disinfection)

BWT Softlife Digital Display
BWT Softlife Water Softener
BWT AQA Perla Water Softener
BWT AQA Perla Water Softener


Award winning duplex design

BWT Plus X Award
DVGW Certified
  • Domestic or commercial application

  • Twin resin column alternating mode

  • Matrix precision brining for economy

  • Multi touch digital display

  • Automatic resin disinfection

  • AQA Stop leak sensor & shutoff

  • AquaWatch unusual usage alarm

  • Plus X Award in 4 categories

  • DIN/DVGW Certified

  • DIN EN 14743 Tested & Compliant

BWT AQA Perla Multitouch Display
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